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Lincolnshire Rescue Kennels
Finding dogs their forever homes
All the dogs on this page are eagerly awaiting their forever homes
Please understand that all information we give on our dogs is purely our best interpretation of their nature, likes and dislikes after observing them in our kennels.  As we do not know the history of our dogs we cannot offer any guarantees on their behaviour.

Please note 
The reduced cost  £35 neutering voucher the dogs trust provide,  is subject to availability and qualifying breed .
Please ask a member of staff for more details.
Male boxer x staffie, 1 year old
He is a lovely friendly boy, adores people and loves attention.
Owner surrender due to falling out with other male dog in the home.
Neutered, microchipped and vaccinated
Bronson pulls on lead, and is used to walking on a harness
He travels well in the car but may fidget in his seat
Bronson needs teaching general manners as he jumps up a lot.
He needs socialising with other dogs to gain more confidence since his fight with the other male dog in the household. He can bark a lot at other dogs, but with careful introductions he should be able to live with another dog.
Bronson knows sit, stay, down and he gives his paw.
Can be possessive over food/treats towards other dogs in the household.
Has been ok with female dogs, but would need to be careful introductions.
Fully housetrained, and he is good when left home alone.
Bronson is used to sleeping downstairs in his own bed, but has been crate trained from a pup.
He loves people, cuddles on sofa and licking, he loves to give kisses.
Bronson enjoys a good run and is very fast.

Dogs - female dogs yes, male dogs no, careful introductions will be needed.
Children - over 10's as he jumps up a lot.
Cats - no, he will chase them.

Bover (reserved)

Male Rottweiler 9 years old
No history came in as a stray
Can do sit, down, paw and speak
Very affectionate and loving will nuzzle hands for fuss
Seems to prefer women over men
Doesn't like people wearing hats
No children under 10
Has lived with another dog, unknown with cats or other animals
Has a few lumps and bumps due to age

Children - over 10 only
Dogs- will have to bring up to meet
Cats - no

Akita X,  4 years old
Very friendly beautiful girl, large and bouncy, seems to love everybody she meets.
We have very little info on her as she came in as a council surrender from her owner.
Housetrained and clean in her kennel
Doesn't chew when left home alone
Geeta loves her treats and chews and takes them nicely.
Due to Geeta nipping a child in the past we are rehoming to to home with no under 18's.

More info after assessment

Found your new best friend?
So whats next...

All of our dogs are different and we do not know their history as they have come to us as a stray but we will do our best to find your perfect match. Any information we have will be provided along side the photos .
If you have found a dog that you would like to know more about the best thing to do is come and visit us.
 Please see the rehoming procedure page for full details .

Opening hours:
Monday - Saturday 10.30am - 4.30pm
Sunday 10.30am -2pm
No appointment needed .


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