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Lincolnshire Rescue Kennels
Finding dogs their forever homes
Meet some of the dogs and families that have found their happily every after
We love to hear how all our rescue dogs are getting on in their new homes, so if you have one of our very special dogs drop us a line and let us know all about their new lives.
"6 months ago we picked up Tess (was Princess) from you, despite a small trail of destruction she has become a much valued and loved member of our family.  She enjoys camping and has even stayed on my parents canal boat without causing too much trouble.  Tess is a very lively bundle of trouble who loves her treats and cuddles.  I'm so glad we came to you when we were looking for a new member of our family."​

Ruby Dave

Ruby got adopted by a member of our staff who fell for her beautiful eyes and kind nature . Ruby was surrendered to the rescue with a badly injured leg that had been left so long it could not be repaired  and resulted in an operation to remove it . Ruby has suffered a long list of major health issues in the short time in her new home , but is a little fighter and always pulls through, she will soon be a pets as therapy dog , visiting amputees and people facing amputation in the hospital environment , her kind gentle nature and genuine love for people makes her an ideal dog for this role . Ruby also regularly visits events with her new owner to raise awareness of the kennels and the hard work we do . ruby melts hearts where ever she goes and we love her lots , shes one in a million .

Unfortunatly Ruby Dave has passed away after 5 short months in her new home
RIP beautiful Ruby Dave x
" This is my gorgeous boy Hooch (Laddie as he was formally named) that I got from yourselves in 1998/1999 I can’t really remember the year.
Hooch had been in kennels for a while prior to us getting him (we believe) as he was a little bit noisy when people were looking at him and he also used to chaise his tail – but that is what drew us to him.
We fell in love with him straight away and after 1 very long week of waiting we were able to take him home.
Hooch has been a monkey at times – like all dogs can be. I can tell you many a tail of the xmas tree being pulled down cause he ate all the chocolate decorations one night – presents being unwrapped as there were sweets inside – frozen joints being ate off the draining board so Sunday dinner was a vegetarian option that week – Oh the tails go on!!
But what we got from Hooch was total unconditional love. Relationships have come and gone in the time I have had him but the loyalty he showed was second to none and he will always be the love of my life. He was full of life who loved a good play fight, was brilliant with my daughter (he regularly got dressed up!) but loved snuggles under the blanket.
Hooch has sadly passed but I have had 15+ years with him that have brought be so many happy years. I’m lost now he’s gone, but in time would come straight back to the Lincolnshire Rescue Centre to find happiness with another dog that just needs a nice loving home."
Claire McCumesty 
"We rescued our Arthur (Art) from here and my family have previously rescued dogs from LRK so you were always first on my ...list. Arthur is a real character!! He now has his paws firmly under the table after over 2 years and we wouldn't be without him!!! Keep up the good work guys" 
Tilly & Egor

Tilly ( left ) was adopted from us on 11 june 2015 and Egor ( right ) on 10th march 2015 . They both found a wonderful home with our brilliant member of staff Sarah and her family  and resident pooch Sandy .
Sarah says Egor is the best dog in the world and he is very attached to Sarah . 


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